Analytics10 announces collaboration with data delivery platform Snowplow Analytics

Analytics10 announces collaboration with data delivery platform Snowplow Analytics

Analytics10 announces collaboration with data delivery platform Snowplow Analytics


What is the core of an agile culture focused on Digital Transformation? The data. Today, organizations urgently need to unlock the value of data, from user analytics, intelligent competitors, to the acquisition of predictive information driven by artificial intelligence.

For this reason, a data-centric strategic mindset must be accompanied by efficient platforms that enable successful analytical experiences to be developed.

Also, in this context, it is important for companies to demand high quality data in real time. This way, they will be able to understand the behavior of their customers, prospects and partners. For this purpose, it is necessary to carry out an efficient collection of data, regardless of the medium from which they come, that can be enriched and be subject to the application of analytics.

In this scenario, Analytics10 is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Snowplow Analytics, one of today’s most innovative and robust behavioral data delivery platforms.  

Snowplow is a delivery platform built on top of an open standard that collects and operationalizes behavioral data at scale allowing you to record data from multiple sources in real time, thus enabling the possibility of running advanced analytics on them. 

«This collaboration will allow us to help our customers identify their users and track how they interact with your website or app. Thanks to this possibility, it will be practical to join web metrics and event data with other outsourced data sets; that is, information obtained from customers, CRM systems, catalog platforms, among others,» said Andrés Urenda, General Manager of Analytics10 Chile.

«There are companies that already collect real-time data from their customers, but maintaining these systems is a big challenge. Snowplow’s platform is delivered in your own cloud account making this work easier– it is a very efficient tool to collect quality data and enrich it. Snowplow is the best behavioral data delivery platform of its kind,» said Pedro Gil, General Manager of Analytics10 Mexico.

Combining Snowplow technology with Analytics10 professional services will enable us to create solutions that provide positive impacts on our customers’ operations. With  Snowplow  you can:

  • Capture and process high-quality behavioral data from all your platforms and products and deliver that data to your cloud destination of choice.
  • Maintain total ownership over your data platform, data structures and models, in your cloud, built on top of an open standard.
  • Capture data in the same format from all your platforms so it’s easy for your teams to join, analyze and model your data.
  • Design data structures that reflect your business and use cases and easily evolve them as your business grows.

At Analytics10 we deeply believe that the modernization of companies starts with the implementation of a cross-cutting analytical culture, in which all people can contribute to the discovery of new ideas.

This perspective is being strongly driven in Analytics10 and, with Snowplow’s data delivery platform, we will power it even more. This faculty will allow us to help our customers further expand the spectrum of their use cases and have amore assertive view of their customers.

About Analytics10

We are a Big Data Analytics and Consulting company. We help organizations make intelligent data-driven decisions.

We translate information into concrete actions.

This layer is the one that allows Analytics10 to be different and better. We know analytics, create customized solutions, work quickly and efficiently to make data analysis simple and generate great benefits. 

We represent in Chile, Mexico and Brazil technological solutions such as Qlik, Alteryx, Cloudera, DVW Analytics, ThoughSpot, Snowplow, Snowflake , Datarobot y Citibeats